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Vanessa Huxter

Member of the Graduate Faculty,
Assistant Professor, Physics,
Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry-Sci,

Chemistry & Biochemistry - Sci
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Grant: $450.0K
Our group uses innovative ultrafast spectroscopy and microscopy techniques to answer fundamental questions spanning biology, chemistry and physics. Through these techniques, we seek to understand collective interactions in systems organized on the nanoscale.
Vanessa Huxter experts in condensed matter physics, spectroscopy, quantum optics, photonics, ultrafast spectroscopy, biophysics, biochemistry, inorganic chemistry, nonlinear optics, nanophotonics, analytical chemistry, mass spectrometry, plasma physics, fusion energy, physical chemistry, optoelectronics, quantum information, materials science, 2d materials, x-ray crystallography, biophotonics, structural biology, catalysis, photovoltaics, photosynthesis, biofuels, organic chemistry, photocatalysis
Physical Chemistry 
Introduction to Molecular Spectroscopy 
Introduction to Quantum Chemistry 
Recent Grants
Logo of CAREER: Mapping the Mechanisms of Photoredox Catalysis with Multidimensional Optical Spectroscopy funding agency
2023 $260.0KActive
CAREER: Mapping the Mechanisms of Photoredox Catalysis with Multidimensional Optical Spectroscopy
Logo of Linking Structure to Function in Photoredox Catalysis through a Panoramic Spectroscopic Measurement funding agency
2022 $110.0KActive
Linking Structure to Function in Photoredox Catalysis through a Panoramic Spectroscopic Measurement
Logo of Light-Mediated Strain as an Adaptive Tool Toward Efficient Catalysis funding agency
2015 $80.0K
Light-Mediated Strain as an Adaptive Tool Toward Efficient Catalysis
2013Flawed Diamonds: Gems for New Technology 
Publications (40)
2022Isolated Neutral [4] Helicene Radical Provides Insight into Consecutive Two-Photon Excitation Photocatalysis 
2022Solvated Electrons! The Missing Link in Highly Reducing Photocatalysis 
2022Time-resolved dynamics of stable open-and closed-shell neutral radical and oxidized tripyrrindione complexes 
2019Photo-induced electron transfer: general discussion 
2019Energy and charge-transfer in natural photosynthesis: general discussion 
2019Photovoltaics and bio-inspired light harvesting: general discussion 
2019Ultrafast Dynamics of Tripyrrindiones in Solution Mediated by Hydrogen-Bonding Interactions 
2017Ultrafast Nonlinear Frequency Generation in Excitonic Systems and the Dynamics of Novel Photosynthetic Pigment Analogs 
2016Ultrafast Dynamics of Palladium (II) Tripyrrindione: A Redox-Active Platform for Catalysis, Energy and Charge Transfer 
2014Insights into the Structural Changes Occurring upon Photoconversion in the Orange Carotenoid Protein from Broadband Two Dimensional Electronic Spectroscopy 
2014Mapping Energy Flow with Ultrafast Optical Spectroscopy 
2014Insights into the structural changes occurring upon photoconversion in the orange carotenoid protein from broadband two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy 
2013Comparing the photophysics of the two forms of the Orange Carotenoid Protein using 2D electronic spectroscopy 
2013Vibrational and electronic dynamics of nitrogen–vacancy centres in diamond revealed by two-dimensional ultrafast spectroscopy 
2013Vibrational and Electronic Ultrafast Relaxation of the Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers in Diamond 
2013Vibrational and Electronic Dynamics of Nitrogen-Vacancy Defect Centers in Diamond Revealed by Two-Dimensional Ultrafast Spectroscopy 
2011Mapping the spatial overlap of excitons in a photosynthetic complex via coherent nonlinear frequency generation 
20112D electronic studies of single and double excitation dynamics in photosynthetic and molecular systems 
2011Coherent frequency generation mediated by the doubly excited states of a Frenkel exciton system 
2010Spin relaxation in zinc blende and wurtzite CdSe quantum dots 
2010Acoustic phonon strain induced mixing of the fine structure levels in colloidal CdSe quantum dots observed by a polarization grating technique 
2010Measurement of electron correlation using two-dimensional electronic double-quantum coherence spectroscopy 
2009Measurement of Electron− Electron Interactions and Correlations Using Two-Dimensional Electronic Double-Quantum Coherence Spectroscopy 
2009Optical and Material Properties of Colloidal Semiconductor Nanocrystals 
2009Photophysics of colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals: A review 
2009CdSe nanoparticle elasticity and surface energy 
2008Chemical Reactivity in the Ground and the Excited State 
2008Direct observation and selection of acoustic phonon quantum beats in colloidal cdse quantum dots 
20083.9 Excitation Energy Transfer and the Role of the Refractive Index 
2008Demonstration of bulk semiconductor optical properties in processable Ag2S and EuS nanocrystalline systems 
2006Nanocrystal shape and the mechanism of exciton spin relaxation 
2006Nonlinear optical approach to multiexciton relaxation dynamics in quantum dots 
2005Dynamics within the exciton fine structure of colloidal CdSe quantum dots 
2005Ultrafast flipping of exciton spin orientation in colloidal CdSe quantum dots 
2005Transmission of quantum dot exciton spin states via resonance energy transfer 
2005Exciton spin dynamics in CdSe quantum dots. 
2004Examining Exciton and Biexciton Dynamics Using Third and Fifth Order Transient Grating Measurements 
2004Third-and fifth-order photon echo studies of colloidal CdSe quantum dots: Can many-body effects be resolved in disordered systems? 
2003Tandem calibration methodology: dual nebulizer sample introduction for ICP-MS 
2003Biexcitonic contributions to to third-and fifth-order photon echo signals from nanocrystalline quantum dots