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Find researchers and collaborators

Learn about collaborations and research activities. See recent grants, publications, research expertise, and much more.

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Explore deparmental connections

Display all researchers of a department in a map polygon. Explore the department's summary through various statistics and visualizations.

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Understand a bigger picture

Correlate multidimensional information. Funds, citations, h-index, disclosure, patents, news, and books overlays are available.

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KMap Onepage

Learn about faculty summary*

Find out the history summary with respect to teaching, research, position, etc,. with Onepage through statistics and visualizations.

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Go beyond the institution

We mine locations from researchers data then connect them to geo-locations worldwide. Select type of activities and filter by college to see corresponding researchers.

Explore global
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Expert matching

Find experts whose interests match technical texts

Quickly identify networks and related topics of researchers by searching with long text, keywords, call for papers, etc,. and filter based on college and position.

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Yes. Log in using your NetID and navigate to your dashboard to submit the basic information for the KMap. You will be included in the next build. Note that we do not include students in the KMap.
Yes. Log in using your netId and follow the 'Add missing connections' to submit the minimal data about your connection. Your connection will be included in the next build.
We use publications, abstracts, taught courses, grants, proposals, biographies, research interests, research plans, external services, and more.

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