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Chemistry & Biochemistry - Sci
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Suchithranga Perera experts in biophysics, molecular biology, g protein-coupled receptors, biochemistry, gpcrs, cell biology, nmr spectroscopy, rhodopsin, biostatistics, neutron scattering, structural biology, stroke, biomaterials, tissue engineering, mass spectrometry, membrane proteins, epidemiology, immunology, rehabilitation, psychiatry, drug delivery, x-ray crystallography, computational biology, bioinformatics, infectious disease epidemiology, x-ray scattering, dna repair, pharmacoepidemiology, otolaryngology, virology, health services research, health policy, bibliometrics, information science, scholarly communication, physiotherapy, clinical trials, traumatic brain injury, gynecologic pathology, molecular imaging, rheumatology, membranes, lipids, odontologia, infectious diseases, bioengineering, molecular dynamics simulation, rhodops, biomedical engineering, ultrasound imaging, soft matter, proteomics, ultrafast spectroscopy, femtosecond laser, membrane trafficking, neurosurgery
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Technologies / Patents
Logo of Composition Comprising a Lyophilized Detergent-Solubilized Protein
2021Composition Comprising a Lyophilized Detergent-Solubilized Protein 
Logo of Powdered G-Protein Coupled Receptors (GPCR)
2020Powdered G-Protein Coupled Receptors (GPCR) 
Logo of Powdered G-Protein Coupled Receptors (GPCR)
1899Powdered G-Protein Coupled Receptors (GPCR) 
Publications (86)
2023Hybrid‐Mobile Stroke Unit: Opening the Indication Spectrum for Stroke Mimics and Beyond 
2022How osmotic stress and crowding affect G-protein-coupled receptor activation 
2022Hydration-mediated G-protein–coupled receptor activation 
2022Activation of G-protein-coupled receptors by hydration driven sponge mechanism 
2022Hydration-water and membrane lipids modulate G-protein-coupled receptor activation 
2022Time-resolved functional expansion of visual rhodopsin detected by x-ray scattering 
2022Extent of Internal Hydration influence the Activation of GPCR Rhodopsin. 
2022Modulation of GPCR Rhodopsin Function by Membrane Lipids and Water. 
2022Functional dynamics of G-protein-coupled receptor shown by femtosecond X-ray scattering 
2021Membrane lipids and cellular water modulate G-protein-coupled receptor rhodopsin activation 
2021Native mass spectrometry reveals the simultaneous binding of lipids and zinc to rhodopsin 
2021Functional Expansion of G-Protein-Coupled Receptor Shown by Time-Resolved X-Ray Scattering 
2021Hydration Drives Activation of the G‐Protein‐Coupled Receptor Rhodopsin 
2021Ultrafast Membrane Protein Dynamics Revealed by X-Ray Scattering with a Femtosecond Free-Electron Laser 
2021Effects of Soft Matter on G-Protein-Coupled Receptor Activation 
2021Lipid Membrane and Protein Hydration Level Play a Critical Role in GPCR Activation 
2021Hydration and Protonation Effects on Activation of G-Protein-Coupled Receptors 
2021Composition comprising a lyophilized detergent-solubilized protein 
2021Solvation Drives G-Protein-Coupled Receptor Activation 
2021Activation of the G‐protein‐coupled receptor rhodopsin by water 
2021Membrane Lipids and Cellular Water Modulate the G‐Protein–Coupled Receptor Activation 
2020Association between multivitamin supplementation and mortality among patients with Ebola virus disease: an international multisite cohort study 
2020Active Rhodopsin Chromophore Conformation Revealed by Solid-state 2H NMR and QM/MM Simulations 
2020Membrane Protein Dynamics Revealed by X-Ray Scattering with a Femtosecond Free-Electron Laser 
2020Allosteric regulation of GPCR Rhodopsin by soft matter 
2020G-protein-coupled receptors are solvent-swollen in the functionally active state 
2020Association between treatment with oral third‐generation cephalosporin antibiotics and mortality outcomes in Ebola virus disease: a multinational retrospective cohort study 
2020Water and Membrane Lipids Govern G-Protein Activation 
2020Detergent-protein composition comprising lyophilized detergent-solubilized protein 
2020Modulation of GPCR Function by Membrane Lipids and Water 
2020Rhodopsin Activation in Lipid Membranes Based on Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy 
2020Global Research Highlights 
2020Soft Matter Control of GPCR Function by Membrane Lipids and Water 
2020Rhodopsin's Ultra-Fast Activation Dynamics in Bilayer and Micelle Environments 
2019Study of Ultra-Fast Rhodopsin Activation Dynamics with Molecular Dynamics Simulations 
2019Retinal Flipping During Rhodopsin Activation Revealed by Solid State 2H NMR and QM/MM Simulations 
2019Quasielastic and elastic neutron scattering of membrane proteins 
2019Flexible surface model for lipid-protein interactions 
2019G-protein-coupled receptor activation mediated by internal hydration 
2019Association Between Vitamin A Supplementation and Mortality Among Patients with Ebola Virus Disease: An International Multisite Cohort Study 
2019Hydration Modulates G‐Protein‐Coupled Receptor Signaling 
2019Functional Water Dynamics in Rhodopsin Using Solid‐State Deuterium NMR Spectroscopy 
2019Sponge Model of G-Protein Binding and Unbinding in Membranes 
2019Structural Fluctuations in Rhodopsin Activation Revealed by Neutron Scattering 
2019Impact of change in head and neck position on ultrasound localisation of the cricothyroid membrane: an observational study 
2018Small-angle neutron scattering reveals energy landscape for rhodopsin photoactivation 
2018Powdered g-protein coupled receptors (gpcr) 
2018Investigation of Photoinduced Oligomerization of Rhodopsin by Native Mass Spectrometry 
2018G-Protein-Coupled Receptor Activation through Membrane Deformation 
2018314 Treatment With Intravenous Fluid Therapy Was Not Associated With Improved Survival Among Patients With Ebola Virus Disease: An International Multisite Cohort Study 
2018Hydration Thermodynamics of a Powdered G-Protein-Coupled Receptor 
2017Role of Soft Matter in G-Protein-Coupled Receptor Signaling 
2017Energy Landscape Model and Spatial Motion Models in Rhodopsin Activation 
2017Membrane Lipid-Protein Interactions 
2017Multiscale GPCR Activation in Lipid Membranes Probed by Solid-State NMR and Scattering Methods 
2017Solid-state deuterium NMR spectroscopy of rhodopsin 
2017Time-Resolved Wide-Angle X-Ray Scattering Reveals Protein Quake in Rhodopsin Activation 
2016Quasi-elastic neutron scattering reveals ligand-induced protein dynamics of a G-protein-coupled receptor 
2016Powdered G-protein-coupled receptors 
2016Neutron Scattering Reveals Protein Fluctuations in GPCR Activation 
2016A Usual G‐Protein‐Coupled Receptor in Unusual Membranes 
2016Hydration mediated G-protein-coupled receptor activation 
2016Computational and Experimental Studies of Lipid-Protein Interactions in Biomemrane Function 
2015Rhodopsin Photoactivation Dynamics Revealed by Quasi-Elastic Neutron Scattering 
2015Investigation of rhodopsin dynamics in its signaling state by solid-state deuterium NMR spectroscopy 
2015Increased prevalence of diabetes in schizophrenia but improved glucose, blood pressure and lipid profile and lower microvascular complications in patients prescribed … 
2015Small Angle Neutron and X-Ray Scattering Reveal Conformational Differences in Detergents Affecting Rhodopsin Activation 
2015Spontaneous Reconstitution of Bovine Rhodopsin into Artificial Membranes 
2014Role of Membrane Lipids in Activating G-Protein-Coupled Receptors 
2014Ensemble Activation of G-Protein-Coupled Receptors Revealed by Small-Angle Neutron Scattering 
2014G-Protein-Coupled Receptor Activation Investigated using Small-Angle Neutron Scattering 
2014Lipid-Mediated Activation of G-Protein-Coupled Receptors in Membranes 
2013Increasing patients' activity, participation and social interaction on an acute stroke unit 
2013Gestational diabetes can be safely and effectively managed with risk-stratified community and hospital based care in a high prevalence population 
2013Diabetes and schizophrenia: exploring the associations: determining the extent of diabetes and the quality of diabetes care within a clozapine (schizophrenia) clinic in Edinburgh 
2013Does the evidence supporting a correlation between intensity of therapy practice and better outcomes apply in the clinical setting of a hyper-acute and acute stroke unit? 
2013Membrane Bilayer Environment Influences Thermodynamics of Rhodopsin Membrane Protein-Lipid Interactions 
2012An observational study of intrathecal injection 
2012Assessing physiotherapy interventions on an acute stroke unit against national clinical guidelines: developing an audit tool to evaluate and improve a physiotherapy service 
2011A Bibliometric Study on WHO Publications Available in the Peradeniya Medical Library 
2011Routine HIV screening in elective and emergency surgical patients-doctors' and patients' perspectives 
1996Growth of Epstein-Barr virus-associated B-lymphoproliferative disease tissue in a severe combined immunodeficient mouse 
1988An additional tactile test: further developments in tactile tests to confirm laryngeal placement of tracheal tubes