The University of Arizona

Navigate the Map:

The map allows you to explore the university's knowledge landscape, providing insights into researchers' interests, expertise, and connections. It also offers essential details about department and college organization.

  1. Click on "Map" at the top of the home page or go to
  2. Click on a region of the map to see a university department.
  • The map is divided into different sections (departments), each containing faculty members.
  • In the department view, internal connections among researchers within that department are highlighted.
  • Explore various department statistics, including grants, funding, and a list of researchers, conveniently displayed on the left.
  1. Click on a researcher on the map to view their profile.
  • All the university connections of the researchers will be displayed, linking to other nodes on the map.
  • Access more in-depth information, including recent grants, publications, theses, news articles, and additional details, on the left side of the screen.