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Laura Van Dorn

Member of the Graduate Faculty,
Assistant Professor of Practice,

Chemistry & Biochemistry - Sci
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Laura Van Dorn experts in inorganic chemistry, bioinformatics, organometallic chemistry, computational biology, organometallics, condensed matter physics, chemistry, physics, materials science, molecular evolution, organic chemistry
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2013UA Alumni Fundraising to Support Women Writers 
2010Campus Events to Discourage ‘Fat Talk’ 
2010Marching to End Sexual Assault 
2003Chemists Discover New Molecules That Excel at Shedding Electrons 
2003Worried About Asteroid-Ocean Impacts? Don't Sweat the Small Stuff 
Publications (14)
2015From gas-phase ionization energies to solution oxidation potentials: Dimolybdenum tetraformamidinate paddlewheel complexes 
2011Evolutionary bridges to new protein folds: design of C-terminal Cro protein chameleon sequences 
2006Relationship between sequence determinants of stability for two natural homologous proteins with different folds 
2006Facilitating access to the most easily ionized molecule: an improved synthesis of the key intermediate, W-2(hpp)(4)Cl-2, and related compounds 
2006Photoelectron Spectroscopy and DFT Calculations of Easily Ionized Quadruply Bonded Mo24+ Compounds and Their Bicyclic Guanidinate Precursors 
2006Photoelectron spectroscopy and DFT calculations of easily ionized quadruply bonded Mo-2(4+) compounds and their bicyclic guanidinate precursors 
2006A Trade between Similar but Nonequivalent Intrasubunit and Intersubunit Contacts in Cro Dimer Evolution, 
2006Facilitating Access to the Most Easily Ionized Molecule: an Improved Synthesis of the Key Intermediate, W2(hpp)4Cl2, and Related Compounds 
2004Guanidinates: A new class of ligands for dimetal units with multiple metal-metal bonds. 
2004Ligand electronic effects in dimetal complexes: Developments toward low ionization energies and correlations with solution properties 
2003" The big easy": A molecule that ionizes more readily than cesium 
2002Closed-shell molecules that ionize more readily than cesium 
2002Synthesis and Characterization of Novel para- and meta-Phenylenevinylene Derivatives: Fine Tuning of the Electronic and Optical Properties of Conjugated … 
2001Photoelectron spectroscopy of substituted Rh-2(form)(4) complexes: Electronic influences upon gas-phase ionizations.