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Jean-Luc Bredas

Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry-Sci,
Member of the Graduate Faculty,
Professor, Applied Mathematics - GIDP,
Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry-Sci,
Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry - Med,

Chemistry & Biochemistry - Sci
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Grant: $5.7M
He received his PhD from the University of Namur, Belgium, in 1979. In 1988, he was appointed Professor at the University of Mons, Belgium, where he established the Laboratory for Chemistry of Novel Materials. While keeping an "Extraordinary Professorship" appointment in Mons, he moved to the US in 1999 and became Full Professor of Chemistry at the University of Arizona. In 2003, he moved to the Georgia Institute of Technology as Full Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry. In July 2014, he took a 2-½-year leave of absence to King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) where he served as Distinguished Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and Director of the KAUST Solar and Photovoltaics Research and Engineering Center. At Georgia Tech, where he resumed his activities in January 2017, he is Regents' Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry and holds the Vasser-Woolley and Georgia Research Alliance Chair in Molecular Design. He is a Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar since 2005.
Jean-Luc Bredas experts in condensed matter physics, materials science, organic electronics, polymer chemistry, organic photovoltaics, chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, computational chemistry, nonlinear optics, photonics, physics, spectroscopy, photovoltaics, nanophotonics, plasmonics, polymer physics, perovskite solar cells, physical chemistry, molecular simulation, crystallography, electrochemistry, nanocomposites, computational materials science, theoretical chemistry, molecular dynamics, polymers, photochemistry, electrocatalysis, biomaterials, nanotechnology, atomic force microscopy, quantum optics, bioinformatics, optoelectronics, self-assembly, organic semiconductors, crystal engineering, nanoelectronics, bioinorganic chemistry, supramolecular chemistry, computational biology, tissue engineering, organometallic chemistry, materials informatics, molecular electronics, condensed matter theory, molecular dynamics simulation, nanomaterials, quantum information, 2d materials, catalysis, astrophysics, surface science, biophotonics, polymer composites, linguistics, syntax, regenerative medicine, soft matter, machine learning, solid state physics, x-ray diffraction, x-ray spectroscopy, organometallics, block copolymers, molecular spectroscopy, semantics, quantum chemistry, atomic physics, ultrafast spectroscopy, molecular crystals, biomedical informatics, biomedical engineering, genomics, econometrics, optics, drug delivery, photoelectrochemistry, biopolymers, stretchable electronics, metamaterials, dna nanotechnology, rheology, liquid crystals, biophysics, molecular modeling, surface chemistry, analytical chemistry, graphene, photocatalysis, computer vision, deep learning, materials characterization, cosmology, photoelectron spectroscopy, molecular engineering, thermochromism, stm, photoemission spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, wireless communications, signal processing, nuclear physics, chromophores, density functional theory, ophthalmology, numerical analysis, scientific computing, numerical linear algebra, optical tweezers, electroabsorption, laser material processing, laser spectroscopy, microfluidics, elastomers, polymer science, polymer electrolytes, molecular imaging, colloids, engenharia de materiais, lithium ion batteries, história da arte, hydrology, water resources, climate change, soft condensed matter physics, photophysics, energy storage, adsorption, polymer brush, géomatique, nanopore, oled, bioelectronics, polymer solar cells, heterogeneous catalysis, organic photonics, solar energy, nmr, dft, molecular beam epitaxy, organic solar cells, computational mechanics, polymer nanocomposites, nanofibers, solid mechanics, biomedical optics, fluorescence spectroscopy, nmr spectroscopy
Computational Chemistry 
Chemistry of Electronic and Photonic Materials - Part A 
Physical Chemistry 
Recent Grants
Logo of Center for Soft PhotoElectroChemical Systems (SPECS) funding agency
2022 $1.8MActive
Center for Soft PhotoElectroChemical Systems (SPECS)
Logo of Understanding Assembly Pathways of Conjugated Polymers, Small Molecules, and their Blends: A Multi-scale Computational Approach funding agency
2022 $285.0KActive
Understanding Assembly Pathways of Conjugated Polymers, Small Molecules, and their Blends: A Multi-scale Computational Approach
Logo of Novel Electronic, Excitonic, and Optical Features in 2D Lead-Halide Hybrid Perovskites Via Tuning of the Electronic Couplings Between Organic Spacers and Inorganic Layers funding agency
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Novel Electronic, Excitonic, and Optical Features in 2D Lead-Halide Hybrid Perovskites Via Tuning of the Electronic Couplings Between Organic Spacers and Inorganic Layers
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DMREF: Computational Chemistry to Accelerate Development of Long Wave Infrared Polymers
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Proposed Sixth Year Program for MURI Center for Advanced Organic Photovoltaics: Pushing Non-Fullerene Acceptors Further
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Molecular Design of Highly Efficient Organic Solar Cells Based on Nonfullerene Acceptors
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Design of Organic and Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Materials for Electronic Applications: Improving Device Efficiency Through Three-Dimensional Immersive Visualization
Logo of Molecular Design of Efficient TADF Emitters for OLEDs Based on Coplanar Pi-Conjugated Structures funding agency
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Molecular Design of Efficient TADF Emitters for OLEDs Based on Coplanar Pi-Conjugated Structures
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The Center for Advanced 2D Organic Networks
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Theoretical Description of Two-Dimensional Covalent Organic Frameworks (SD COFs)
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2000Belgium Awards Major Science Prize to UA's Jean-Luc Bredas 
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20002000 Year in Review: Science Faculty, Students Reach for Stars in Creative Endeavors 
20002000 Nobel Laureate to Launch UA Optics Valley Lecture Series Nov. 9 
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Publications (1608)
2023Identifying electronic states of Covalent Organic Frameworks using STM 
2022Tailoring on-surface molecular reactions and assembly through hydrogen-modified synthesis: From triarylamine monomer to 2D covalent organic framework 
2022Enhancement of thermally activated delayed fluorescence (TADF) in multi-resonant emitters via control of chalcogen atom embedding 
2022Ion-modulated radical doping of spiro-OMeTAD for more efficient and stable perovskite solar cells 
2022HATCN on Ag (111): a Molecular Kondo Switch with Intrinsic Magnetic Bistability 
2022Purely organic emitters for multiresonant thermally activated delay fluorescence: design of highly efficient sulfur and selenium derivatives 
2022Controlled n‐Doping of Naphthalene‐Diimide‐Based 2D Polymers 
2022High‐performance ternary perovskite–organic solar cells 
2022Editorial for the special issue of Materials Horizons in honor of Seth Marder 
2022Lower limits for non-radiative recombination loss in organic donor/acceptor complexes 
2022Heterotriangulene-based covalent networks on noble metal surfaces studied through STM and TOF-SIMS 
2022Revealing the Crystalline Packing Structure of Y6 in the Active Layer of Organic Solar Cells: The Critical Role of Solvent Additives 
2022Spacer engineering of diammonium‐based 2D perovskites toward efficient and stable 2D/3D heterostructure perovskite solar cells 
2022Resolving atomic-scale interactions in non-fullerene acceptor organic solar cells by high-field NMR crystallography 
2022Engineering of flat bands and Dirac bands in two-dimensional covalent organic frameworks (COFs): relationships among molecular orbital symmetry, lattice symmetry, and electronic-structure characteristics 
2022A new path to highly conducting n-doped π-conjugated polymers 
2022Electronic structure of confined carbyne from joint wavelength-dependent resonant Raman spectroscopy and density functional theory investigations 
2022Towards Efficient and Stable Donor‐Acceptor Luminescent Radicals 
2022Ring-to-Chain Structural Relaxation of Elemental Sulfur upon Photoexcitation 
2022Limiting factors for charge generation in low-offset fullerene-based organic solar cells 
2022Engineering surface orientations for efficient and stable hybrid perovskite single-crystal solar cells 
2022Electronic Structure of Zinc-5,10,15,20-tetraethynylporphyrin: Evolution from the Molecule to a One-Dimensional Chain, a Two-Dimensional Covalent Organic Framework, and a Nanotube 
2022Evolution of the Nature of Excitons and Electronic Couplings in Hybrid 2D Perovskites as a Function of Organic Cation π‐Conjugation 
2022Electronic Spin Qubit Candidates Arrayed within Layered Two-Dimensional Polymers 
2022Emergence of a Two-Dimensional Topological Dirac Semimetal Phase in a Phthalocyanine-Based Covalent Organic Framework 
2022Understanding the Double Doping of Organic Semiconductors Via State Energy Renormalization upon Charging 
2022Electronic structure of zinc-5, 10, 15, 20-tetraethynylporphyrin: Evolution from the molecule to a one-dimensional chain, a two-dimensional covalent organic framework, and a … 
2022Access to sensitive near infrared circularly polarized light detection via non-fullerene acceptor blends 
2022Spacer Engineering of Diammonium‐Based 2D Perovskites toward Efficient and Stable 2D/3D Heterostructure Perovskite Solar Cells (Adv. Energy Mater. 2/2022) 
2022Resolving atomic‐scale interactions in nonfullerene acceptor organic solar cells with solid‐state NMR spectroscopy, crystallographic modelling, and molecular dynamics simulations 
2022Direct Characterization of Type‐I Band Alignment in 2D Ruddlesden–Popper Perovskites 
2022Asymmetric electron acceptor enables highly luminescent organic solar cells with certified efficiency over 18% 
2022Engineering of flat bands and Dirac bands in two-dimensional covalent organic frameworks (COFs): relationships among molecular orbital symmetry, lattice symmetry, and … 
2022Organic self-assembled monolayers on superconducting NbSe2: interfacial electronic structure and energetics* 
2022Energy transfer processes in hyperfluorescent organic light-emitting diodes 
2022Ground-State Spin Dynamics in d1 Kagome-Lattice Titanium Fluorides 
2022Organic Higher-Order Topological Insulators: Heterotriangulene-Based Covalent Organic Frameworks 
2021Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Spectroscopy of Heterotriangulene-based 2D Polymers 
2021Molecular packing in the active layers of organic solar cells based on non-fullerene acceptors: Impact of isomerization on charge transport, exciton dissociation, and … 
2021Quantitative Description of the Lateral Growth of Two-Dimensional Covalent Organic Frameworks Reveals Self-Templation Effects 
2021Thermally conductive ultra-low-k dielectric layers based on two-dimensional covalent organic frameworks 
2021Impact of Structural Defects on the Elastic Properties of Two-Dimensional Covalent Organic Frameworks (2D COFs) under Tensile Stress 
2021Molecular packing of non-fullerene acceptors for organic solar cells: Distinctive local morphology in Y6 vs. ITIC derivatives 
2021High-Efficiency Organic Solar Cells Based on Polymer Donors: The Impact of Non-Fullerene Acceptors 
2021Thermally activated delayed fluorescence properties of trioxoazatriangulene derivatives modified with electron donating groups 
2021Controlling on-surface synthesis of 2D covalent organic networks using hydrogen 
2021A unified description of non-radiative voltage losses in organic solar cells 
2021The Role of Intermolecular Interactions on the Performance of Organic Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence (TADF) Materials 
2021Robust Molecular Dipole‐Enabled Defect Passivation and Control of Energy‐Level Alignment for High‐Efficiency Perovskite Solar Cells 
2021Molecular Packing of Non-Fullerene Acceptors for Organic Solar Cells: Distinctive Local Morphology in Y6 Versus ITIC Derivatives 
2021Impact of Imine Bond Orientations on the Geometric and Electronic Structures of Imine‐based Covalent Organic Frameworks 
2021Organic Photovoltaics: Understanding the Preaggregation of Polymer Donors in Solution and Its Morphological Impact 
2021Nanoscale insight into intermolecular interactions in organic photovoltaic blends using solid state NMR spectroscopy 
2021Luminescence and Stability Enhancement of Inorganic Perovskite Nanocrystals via Selective Surface Ligand Binding 
2021Manipulation of hot carrier cooling dynamics in two-dimensional Dion–Jacobson hybrid perovskites via Rashba band splitting 
2021Developing molecular-level models for organic field-effect transistors 
2021Strong Suppression of Thermal Conductivity in the Presence of Long Terminal Alkyl Chains in Low‐Disorder Molecular Semiconductors 
2021Impact of chemical modifications on the luminescence properties of organic neutral radical emitters 
2021Molecular Packing of 
2020Impact of secondary donor units on the excited-state properties and thermally activated delayed fluorescence (TADF) efficiency of pentacarbazole-benzonitrile emitters 
2020Modulation of broadband emissions in two-dimensional⟨ 100⟩-oriented ruddlesden–popper hybrid perovskites 
2020Delocalization of exciton and electron wavefunction in non-fullerene acceptor molecules enables efficient organic solar cells 
2020Technical Groups Follow AIChE 
2020Revealing the Local Electronic Structure of a Single-Layer Covalent Organic Framework through Electronic Decoupling. 
2020Fast spin-flip enables efficient and stable organic electroluminescence from charge-transfer states 
2020Doping Modulation of the Charge Injection Barrier between a Covalent Organic Framework Monolayer and Graphene 
2020Structural and Electronic Impact of an Asymmetric Organic Ligand in Diammonium Lead Iodide Perovskites 
2020Organic solar cells based on non-fullerene small-molecule acceptors: impact of substituent position 
2020STM Characterization of hBN-Decoupled Covalent Organic Frameworks 
2020Scanning Probe Microscopy of Two Dimensional Covalent Organic Frameworks 
2020Modulation of Broadband Emissions in Two-Dimensional ⟨100⟩-Oriented Ruddlesden–Popper Hybrid Perovskites 
2020Organic photovoltaics: Relating chemical structure, local morphology, and electronic properties 
2020Emergent optical properties in crystalline, semiconducting 2D covalent organic framework/TMD heterostructures 
2020Dear Materials Community 
2020Two-dimensional charge-transfer molecules for poled polymer applications 
2020Boosting Self-Trapped Emissions in Zero-Dimensional Perovskite Heterostructures 
2020Revealing the local electronic structure of a single-layer covalent organic framework through electronic decoupling 
2020Thermally activated delayed fluorescence sensitization for highly efficient blue fluorescent emitters 
2020Radiative and nonradiative recombinations in organic radical emitters: The effect of guest–host interactions 
2020Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells: Insight into Ternary Blends from a Characterization of the Intermolecular Packing and Electronic Properties in the Corresponding Binary Blends 
2020Mechanism of Formation of Benzotrithiophene-Based Covalent Organic Framework Monolayers on Coinage-Metal Surfaces: C–C Coupling Selectivity and Monomer–Metal Interactions 
2020Correction: Characterization of the Valence and Conduction Band Levels of n= 1 2D Perovskites: A Combined Experimental and Theoretical Investigation (Advanced Energy Materials … 
2020Understanding charge transport in donor/acceptor blends from large-scale device simulations based on experimental film morphologies 
2020Suppression of Concentration Quenching in Ortho‐Substituted Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence Emitters 
2020Hyperfluorescence-Based Emission in Purely Organic Materials: Suppression of Energy-Loss Mechanisms via Alignment of Triplet Excited States 
2020Theoretical investigation of chain flexibility in polythiophene and polypyrrole 
2020Electronically Coupled 2D Polymer/MoS2 Heterostructures 
2020Organic neutral radical emitters: Impact of chemical substitution and electronic-state hybridization on the luminescence properties 
2020Electronic Structure of Multicomponent Organic Molecular Materials: Evaluation of Range-Separated Hybrid Functionals 
2020Electronic, vibrational, and charge-transport properties of benzothienobenzothiophene–TCNQ co-crystals 
2020Humidity sensing through reversible isomerization of a covalent organic framework 
2020Research data supporting Fast Spin-Flip Enables Efficient and Stable Organic Electroluminescence from Charge-Transfer States 
2020A Novel Mitigation Mechanism for Photo‐Induced Trapping in an Anthradithiophene Derivative Using Additives 
2019Unlocking the Effect of Trivalent Metal Doping in All-Inorganic CsPbBr3 Perovskite 
2019Nonfullerene Small‐Molecule Acceptors for Organic Photovoltaics: Understanding the Impact of Methoxy Substitution Position on Molecular Packing and Electron‐Transfer Properties 
2019Chemical Control over Nucleation and Anisotropic Growth of Two-Dimensional Covalent Organic Frameworks 
2019CCDC 1960813: Experimental Crystal Structure Determination: 5, 6, 11, 12-tetrakis (phenylethynyl) tetracene 
2019Synergistic use of bithiazole and pyridinyl substitution for effective electron transport polymer materials 
2019CCDC 1890867: Experimental Crystal Structure Determination: 5, 12-bis ((trimethylsilyl) ethynyl)-6, 11-diphenyl-5, 12-epidioxytetracene 
2019Nanoscrolls formed from two-dimensional covalent organic frameworks 
2019CCDC 1910541: Experimental Crystal Structure Determination: 1-ethyl-2-[(1-ethylquinolin-2 (1H)-ylidene) methyl] quinolin-1-ium dicyano (3-cyano-4-{3-[4-cyano-5 … 
2019Emergence of an Antiferromagnetic Mott Insulating Phase in Hexagonal π‐Conjugated Covalent Organic Frameworks 
2019Chemical Stabilities of the Lowest Triplet State in Aryl Sulfones and Aryl Phosphine Oxides Relevant to OLED Applications 
2019The influence of impurities on the charge carrier mobility of small molecule organic semiconductors 
2019Critical role of intermediate electronic states for spin-flip processes in charge-transfer-type organic molecules with multiple donors and acceptors 
2019Nucleation–elongation dynamics of two-dimensional covalent organic frameworks 
2019All-polymer solar cells: impact of the length of the branched alkyl side chains on the polymer acceptors on the interchain packing and electronic properties in amorphous blends 
2019Dynamically Switching the Electronic and Electrostatic Properties of Indium–Tin Oxide Electrodes with Photochromic Monolayers: Toward Photoswitchable Optoelectronic Devices 
2019Charge‐Transfer States at Organic–Organic Interfaces: Impact of Static and Dynamic Disorders 
2019Charge-transfer electronic states in organic solar cells 
2019An Electrifying Choice for the 2019 Chemistry Nobel Prize: Goodenough, Whittingham, and Yoshino 
2019CCDC 1910529: Experimental Crystal Structure Determination: 2-(2-{4-t-butyl-6-[2-(1-ethylquinolin-2 (1H)-ylidene) ethylidene][3, 4, 5, 6-tetrahydro [1, 1'-biphenyl]]-2-yl … 
2019Tuning hot carrier cooling dynamics by dielectric confinement in two-dimensional hybrid perovskite crystals 
2019CCDC 1910527: Experimental Crystal Structure Determination 
2019Electronic structure of two-dimensional π-conjugated covalent organic frameworks 
2019Quantum‐Chemical Evaluation of Impact of Chlorination versus Fluorination on the Electronic Properties of Donors and Acceptors for Organic Solar Cells 
2019Pathway complexity in the stacking of imine-linked macrocycles related to two-dimensional covalent organic frameworks 
2019Local Electronic Structure of Molecular Heterojunctions in a Single‐Layer 2D Covalent Organic Framework 
2019Design and synthesis of two-dimensional covalent organic frameworks with four-arm cores: prediction of remarkable ambipolar charge-transport properties 
2019Charge‐Transport Properties of F6TNAP‐Based Charge‐Transfer Cocrystals 
2019Low Energetic Disorder in Small-Molecule Non-Fullerene Electron Acceptors 
2019Intramolecular Noncovalent Interactions Facilitate Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence (TADF) 
2019Demonstrating Band Design in Two-Dimensional Covalent Organic Frameworks 
2019Short excited-state lifetimes enable photo-oxidatively stable rubrene derivatives 
2019High stability and luminescence efficiency in donor–acceptor neutral radicals not following the Aufbau principle 
2019Quantum Well Energetics of an n = 2 Ruddlesden–Popper Phase Perovskite 
2019Acceptor Gradient Polymer Donors for Non-Fullerene Organic Solar Cells 
2019Recent advances in the computational characterization of π-conjugated organic semiconductors 
2018Quasi-one-dimensional charge transport can lead to nonlinear current characteristics in organic field-effect transistors 
2018A thiazole–naphthalene diimide based n-channel donor–acceptor conjugated polymer 
2018Fused electron deficient semiconducting polymers for air stable electron transport 
20181.1 Theoretical Aspects 
2018Halogen migration in hybrid perovskites: the organic cation matters 
2018Discovery of non-linear optical materials by function-based screening of multi-component solids 
2018Assessment of the Factors Influencing Charge-Carrier Mobility Measurements in Organic Field-Effect Transistors 
2018Assessing the nature of the charge-transfer electronic states in organic solar cells 
2018Impact of Hydroxylation and Hydration on the Reactivity of α‐Fe2O3 (0001) and (102) Surfaces under Environmental and Electrochemical Conditions 
2018Enhanced conjugated polymer nanofiber network formation by synergistic effect of solution shearing and dielectric layer modification 
2018Every Atom Counts: Elucidating the Fundamental Impact of Structural Change in Conjugated Polymers for Organic Photovoltaics 
2018Layer-dependent Rashba band splitting in 2D hybrid perovskites 
2018Near-infrared electroluminescence and low threshold amplified spontaneous emission above 800 nm from a thermally activated delayed fluorescent emitter 
2018Polymer-acceptor bulk heterojunction solar cells: Establishing relationships among polymer chemical structure, polymer packing, and polymer-acceptor mixing 
2018Quantitative relations between interaction parameter, miscibility and function in organic solar cells 
2018Impact of organic spacers on the carrier dynamics in 2D hybrid lead-halide perovskites 
2018Two-dimensional pi-conjugated covalent organic networks: Establishing chemical structure-electronic properties relationships 
2018Electrode work function engineering with phosphonic acid monolayers and molecular acceptors: charge redistribution mechanisms 
2018Bulk heterojunction solar cells: Impact of minor structural modifications to the polymer backbone on the polymer–fullerene mixing and packing and on the fullerene–fullerene … 
2018Small polaron in zero-dimensional perovskite Cs4PbBr6 
2018Bond ellipticity alternation: an accurate descriptor of the nonlinear optical properties of π-conjugated chromophores 
2018Efficient Electron Mobility in an All-Acceptor Napthalenediimide-Bithiazole Polymer Semiconductor with Large Backbone Torsion 
2018D, Aléo, A.; Ribierre, J.-C.; Adachi, C. Near-Infrared Electroluminescence and Low Threshold Amplified Spontaneous Emission above 800 nm from a Thermally Activated Delayed … 
2018Tuning the Electronic Structure of Two-Dimensional Covalent Organic Frameworks (2D-COFs) by an Asymmetrical Bonding Scheme 
2018Synthesis and properties of isoindigo and benzo[1,2-b:4,5-b′]bis[b]benzothiophene oligomers 
2018Design strategy for efficient thermally activated delayed fluorescence (TADF) organic emitters: From twisted to planar structures 
2018Electro-active pi-Conjugated Oligomers and Polymers A Molecular Picture of Charge-Transfer Processes 
2018Effects of meso-M (PPh 3) 2 Cl (M= Pd, Ni) substituents on the linear and third-order nonlinear optical properties of chalcogenopyrylium-terminated heptamethines in solution … 
2018Halogen migration and surface degradation in hybrid perovskites (Conference Presentation) 
2018Point Defects and Green Emission in Zero-Dimensional Perovskites 
2018Dynamically switching the surface electronic and electrostatic properties of indium tin oxide electrodes with photochromic monolayers 
2018Isoindigo‐3, 4‐Difluorothiophene Polymer Acceptors Yield “All‐Polymer” Bulk‐Heterojunction Solar Cells with over 7% Efficiency 
2018Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence (TADF) Path toward Efficient Electroluminescence in Purely Organic Materials: Molecular Level Insight 
2018Impact of phonon dispersion on nonlocal electron–phonon couplings in organic semiconductors: the naphthalene crystal as a case study 
2018Design rules for minimizing voltage losses in high-efficiency organic solar cells 
2018Impact of solution temperature-dependent aggregation on the solid-state packing and electronic properties of polymers for organic photovoltaics 
2018Characterization of the Valence and Conduction Band Levels of n = 1 2D Perovskites: A Combined Experimental and Theoretical Investigation 
2018Langmuir–Blodgett thin films of diketopyrrolopyrrole-based amphiphiles 
2018CCDC 1590308: Experimental Crystal Structure Determination 
2018High-efficiency electroluminescence and amplified spontaneous emission from a thermally activated delayed fluorescent near-infrared emitter 
2018Large Out-of-Plane Deformations of Two-Dimensional Covalent Organic Framework (COF) Sheets 
2018Local Electronic Structure of Molecular Heterojunctions in a Single-Layer 2D Covalent Organic Framework 
2018Modeling of actual‐size organic electronic devices from efficient molecular‐scale simulations 
2018Hydrolytic Stability of Boronate Ester‐Linked Covalent Organic Frameworks 
2018Solid-State Polarization, Charge-Transfer Excitations and Transport Levels at Organic Interfaces from a Screened Range-Separated Hybrid Functional 
2018Donor conjugated polymers with polar side chain groups: The role of dielectric constant and energetic disorder on photovoltaic performance 
2018Increased exciton delocalization of polymer upon blending with fullerene 
2018CCDC 1590307: Experimental Crystal Structure Determination: 2, 8-didodecylthieno [3', 2': 6, 7][1] benzothieno [3, 2-b] thieno [3, 2-g][1] benzothiophene 
2018Compound, light emitting material and organic light emitting element 
2018Crystal Engineering of Dibenzothiophenothieno[3,2-b]thiophene (DBTTT) Isomers for Organic Field-Effect Transistors 
2018Why Can High Charge-Carrier Mobilities be Achieved Along π-Conjugated Polymer Chains with Alternating Donor-Acceptor Moieties? 
2017Topological Transformation of π‐Conjugated Molecules Reduces Resistance to Crystallization 
2017Characterization of the Structural, Mechanical, and Electronic Properties of Fullerene Mixtures: A Molecular Simulations Description 
2017Effect of solid-state polarization on charge-transfer excitations and transport levels at organic interfaces from a screened range-separated hybrid functional 
2017Charge-transfer states in organic solar cells: Understanding the impact of polarization, delocalization, and disorder 
2017Impact of position of electron withdrawing cyano groups on nonlinear optical properties of centrosymmetric donor‐π‐acceptor system 
2017Direct-Indirect Nature of the Bandgap in Lead-Free Perovskite Nanocrystals 
2017Noncovalent Interactions in Organic Electronic Materials 
2017Pyridine-induced dimensionality change in hybrid perovskite nanocrystals 
2017Kinetic monte carlo modeling of charge carriers in organic electronic devices: suppression of the self-interaction error 
2017Substituent effect on stability for rubrene analogues 
2017Impact of Dielectric Constant on the Singlet-Triplet Gap in Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence (TADF) Materials 
2017Electronic structure of two-dimensional pi-conjugated networks: Impact of lattice symmetry 
2017Time dependent – density functional theory characterization of organic dyes for dye-sensitized solar cells 
2017Impact of dielectric constant on the singlet–triplet gap in thermally activated delayed fluorescence materials 
2017Structural Variations to a Donor Polymer with Low Energy Losses 
2017Singlet Fission in Rubrene Derivatives: Impact of Molecular Packing 
2017Assessment of Front-Substituted Zwitterionic Cyanine Polymethines for All-Optical Switching Applications 
2017Thieno[3,4‐c]Pyrrole‐4,6‐Dione‐Based Polymer Acceptors for High Open‐Circuit Voltage All‐Polymer Solar Cells 
2017Intrinsic Lead Ion Emissions in Zero-Dimensional Cs4PbBr6 Nanocrystals 
2017Electronic Properties of 1,5-Diaminonaphthalene:Tetrahalo-1,4-benzoquinone Donor–Acceptor Cocrystals 
2017Organic Field-Effect Transistors: A 3D Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulation of the Current Characteristics in Micrometer-Sized Devices 
2017Characterization of intrinsic hole transport in single-crystal spiro-OMeTAD 
2017A New Design Strategy for Efficient Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence Organic Emitters: From Twisted to Planar Structures 
2017Impact of interfacial molecular orientation on radiative recombination and charge generation efficiency 
2017Charge-Transfer Dynamics in the Lowest Excited State of a Pentacene–Fullerene Complex: Implications for Organic Solar Cells 
2017Suppressing Energy Loss due to Triplet Exciton Formation in Organic Solar Cells: The Role of Chemical Structures and Molecular Packing 
2017Excitonic and polaronic properties of 2D hybrid organic–inorganic perovskites 
2017Local Electronic Structure of a Single-Layer Porphyrin-Containing Covalent Organic Framework 
2017Voltage Losses in Organic Solar Cells: Understanding the Contributions of Intramolecular Vibrations to Nonradiative Recombinations 
2017Organic Electronics: Does a Plot of the HOMO–LUMO Wave Functions Provide Useful Information? 
2017Understanding the effects of electronic polarization and delocalization on charge-transport levels in oligoacene systems 
2017MS115. P24 
2017Up-conversion intersystem crossing rates in organic emitters for thermally activated delayed fluorescence: impact of the nature of singlet vs triplet excited states 
2017Polaron self-localization in white-light emitting hybrid perovskites 
2017Molecular understanding of fullerene–electron donor interactions in organic solar cells 
2017Unipolar electron transport polymers: Thiazole based all-electron acceptor approaches for high mobility organic field-effect transistors 
2017Synthesis and Local Characterization of a Porphyrin-based Single-layer Covalent Organic Framework 
2017Computational design of functional materials 
2017Open‐Circuit Voltage in Organic Solar Cells: The Impacts of Donor Semicrystallinity and Coexistence of Multiple Interfacial Charge‐Transfer Bands 
2017Impact of Active Layer Morphology on Bimolecular Recombination Dynamics in Organic Solar Cells 
2017Molecular behavior of zero-dimensional perovskites 
2017Energetic fluctuations in amorphous semiconducting polymers: Impact on charge-carrier mobility 
2017Nucleation and growth of covalent organic frameworks from solution: the example of COF-5 
2017Probing the local electronic structure of a porphyrin-based single-layer covalent organic framework using STS 
2017Inside Perovskites: Quantum Luminescence from Bulk Cs4PbBr6 Single Crystals 
2017Reduction of the work function of gold by N-heterocyclic carbenes 
2017Small polarons in 2D perovskites 
2016Phosphonic acids for interfacial engineering of transparent conductive oxides 
2016Research data supporting “High operational and environmental stability of high-mobility conjugated polymer field-effect transistors achieved through the use of molecular additives” 
2016Spectroscopy and control of near-surface defects in conductive thin film ZnO 
2016An Introduction to the Electronic Structure of π-Conjugated Molecules and Polymers, and to the Concept of Electronic Bands 
2016Charge Delocalization in Oligomers of Poly(2,5-bis(3-alkylthiophene-2-yl)thieno[3,2-b]thiophene) (PBTTT) 
2016Work function reduction by a redox-active organometallic sandwich complex 
2016Impact of fluorine substituents on π‐conjugated polymer main‐chain conformations, packing, and electronic couplings 
2016Molecular Understanding of Fullerene - Electron Donor Interactions in Organic Solar Cells 
2016Understanding the Relationships Among Molecular Structure, Excited-State Properties, and Polarizabilities of π-Conjugated Chromophores 
2016Benchmarking Density Functional Theory Approaches for the Description of Symmetry-Breaking in Long Polymethine Dyes 
2016Photovoltaic concepts inspired by coherence effects in photosynthetic systems 
2016Characterizing the Polymer:Fullerene Intermolecular Interactions 
2016CCDC 1440984: Experimental Crystal Structure Determination : 4,8-bis(1,3-benzoxazol-2-yl)-2,6-dihexyl[1,3]thiazolo[5,4-f][1,3]benzothiazole 
2016Benchmarking density functional theory approaches for the description of symmetry breaking in long polymethine dyes 
2016CCDC 1440982: Experimental Crystal Structure Determination : 4,8-bis(1-benzofuran-2-yl)-2,6-dihexyl[1,3]thiazolo[5,4-f][1,3]benzothiazole 
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2016Materials Horizons 
2016Charge Transport in Crystalline Organic Semiconductors 
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2015Distinguishing the effects of bond-length alternation versus bond-order alternation on the nonlinear optical properties of π-conjugated chromophores 
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2015Mode-selective vibrational modulation of charge transport in organic electronic devices 
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2015Distinguishing the Effects of Bond-Length Alternation versus Bond-Order Alternation on the Nonlinear Optical Properties of Ï€-Conjugated Chromophores 
2014Tailoring Electron‐Transfer Barriers for Zinc Oxide/C60 Fullerene Interfaces 
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2014Mind the gap! 
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20132012: A Banner Year for Chemistry of Materials 
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2012Donor–acceptor copolymers of relevance for organic photovoltaics: a theoretical investigation of the impact of chemical structure modifications on the electronic and optical … 
2012Zinc oxide as a model transparent conducting oxide: a theoretical and experimental study of the impact of hydroxylation, vacancies, interstitials, and extrinsic doping on the … 
2012Carbazole-based materials as hole-transport materials in OLEDs 
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2012Département des Matériaux et Procédés 
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2012Lowest excited states and optical absorption spectra of donor–acceptor copolymers for organic photovoltaics: a new picture emerging from tuned long-range corrected density … 
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2012where Ae is a fixed" external" contribution to the Gap due to the G skeleton 
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2011Quantum Mechanical Simulations of Organic Materials 
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2011BASF SE 67056 Ludwigshafen Germany 
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2008Materials Research Society Announces Inaugural Class of MRS Fellows 
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2006A polarized response 
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