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Translational Research in Alzheimer's Disease and related Dementias (TRADD)

Sponsored by National Institute on Aging

$294.4K Funding
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Project Summary/AbstractThe University of Arizona (UArizona) Training Program to Advance Translational Research on Alzheimer'sDisease and AD Related Dementias (AZ-TRADD) is designed to address knowledge and experience gaps in ADtherapeutic discovery and preclinical translational development. To meet this challenge the UArizonaTranslational Research in AD and related Dementias (AZ-TRADD) training program is designed as a problembased translational learning experience for predoctoral Ph.D and M.D./Ph.D fellows. In alignment with the 2021NIH Alzheimers Research Summit: Path to Precision Medicine for Treatment and Prevention and the 2011National Alzheimers Project Act (NAPA) the goal of the AZ-TRADD training program is to fill critical gaps thatexist for AD translational research in academic graduate programs. To achieve this goal the AZ-TRADD programwill: 1) recruit trainees across multiple scientific disciplines; 2) employ problem-based learning approaches tosolve challenges in AD therapeutic development with emerging tools and techniques; and 3) equip AZ-TRADDtrainees with career development and leadership skills necessary to conduct team science and managemultidisciplinary teams. Through this approach we ensure that AZ-TRADD trainees develop deep translationalresearch expertise necessary for AD therapeutic development while: 1) cultivating the ability to creatively andcollaboratively solve problems working with experts across the translational landscape as part of large-scaleteam science; 2) gaining an applied understanding of how data science particularly using data generated byAMP-AD M2OVE-AD and ADNI can accelerate translational research and provide avenues to novel therapeuticinsights; 3) connecting geno- and phenotypic variations and multifaceted etiology of AD to therapeutic targets;and 4) gaining essential professional and business skills to navigate a diverse funding landscape and translatediscoveries into the clinical setting. AZ-TRADD fellows will receive career mentoring and leadership developmentskills to manage multi-disciplinary teams in the 21st century that is Patient Inspired and Data Driven. The AZ-TRADD training program will develop a diverse cross-disciplinary and translationally oriented workforce to meetthe critical challenge of creating a workforce capable of advancing therapeutics to prevent delay and treat ADand AD related dementias.